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Edmonton Car Insurance For Good Drivers

For drivers with excellent driving records, ARC Insurance Brokers is a top choice for getting car insurance quotes in Edmonton.

We are competitive for:

  • Drivers with bundled home & auto insurance
  • Drivers with 5+ years clear record (no claims or payment issues)


Edmonton Car Insurance Quotes

If you've worked hard to maintain a pristine driving record, then ARC Insurance Brokers is your best option for getting car insurance quotes in Edmonton. Our insurance agents are ready to provide you with the best insurance rates and top notch service that you have come to expect from our experienced professionals. Here are some reasons why new customers are joining us every day:

  We're here to save you money. Because we serve you as an independent insurance broker, we can get a wide range of combined home & auto insurance quotes from leading Alberta insurance carriers, often finding big savings with same or better coverage.

  We work for you. With flexible payment plans and 24 hour claims service, our customers have peace of mind knowing that when you need your broker, we are for you.

  Quotes are quick, easy to complete, and secure. Whether you want to talk directly with a broker or complete one of our online forms, our agents are standing by to give you quick, accurate auto insurance quotes for multiple companies. You could be fully insured and on the road in as little as 15 minutes from the first contact with our company.

Introduction to auto insurance quotes in Edmonton

Your auto insurance is essentially an agreement for your car insurance company to protect you against losses in the event of an accident, fire, theft, vandalism, hail, or some other incident that involves your vehicle and causes damage, liability, or injury. As part of the contract, you agree to pay the insurer a certain amount of money and, in return, the company agrees to protect you against financial losses due to certain perils that may arise in your day-to-day ownership and operation of your vehicle.

  Auto insurance is required by law. Alberta has laws stating that all vehicles on the road must have financial protection in case the owner or operator of the vehicle causes injury or damage as a result of the operation of the vehicle. Also, additional "no-fault" mandatory coverages exist to protect anyone who is hurt in a vehicle accident.

  Auto insurance protects you from a potentially devastating financial loss. If you don't have the correct coverage in place, an accident could be financially crippling. Here are examples of some of the costs that may arise through an auto insurance claim: bodily injury and property damage that you've caused to another person, your own bills for medical treatment and physical rehabilitation, cost of repair or replacement of your own vehicle, fees for towing and rental vehicle coverage while your claim is being settled.


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