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As your local Edmonton small & mid-size commercial insurance specialists, we know that getting insurance for a business has not always been the easiest thing to do. Getting proper commercial insurance quotes and policies are one of the most crucial components of running a successful company, and yet the average Alberta business owner will spend more time picking out paint than reviewing insurance documents. With so many complicated wordings, acronyms and coverages, it’s no surprise that many people sign up with the first commercial quote they receive – despite lingering confusion on what they’ve actually purchased and whether they’re getting a fair price.


Commercial Insurance Simplified

At ARC Insurance Brokers, our motto is specialization equals simplification. Rather than trying be a jack-of-all-trades, we prefer to apply a laser-guided focus to the type of risks that we’re knowledgeable in so that our clients can benefit from our expertise in the following ways:

Faster response and service: Through continued refinements to our application process, our quotes often require little more than a phone call for completion and are often transformed into active insurance policies within 24-48 hours of initial contact.
Better insurance rates: We are committed to developing a long-term relationship, not a quick sale – and this means trying to find the most competitive rates for our clients’ operations.
Tailor-made coverage: Our specialized insurance packages mean custom-tailored coverage for many businesses with special needs, such as valuable metals coverage for doctor’s offices and professional liability for salons.

Professional Services Insurance

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From accountants and bookkeepers to dentists and lawyers – we have you covered.

View our specialized insurance coverage for industries such as:

  Accounting & bookkeeping firms
  Architects & commercial artists
  Engineering firms & consultants
  Medical clinics & dental offices
  Physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists & podiatrists

Retail & Service Industry Insurance

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Comprehensive coverage for a wide variety of businesses in the retail and service industry.

Our retail and service industry coverage includes businesses like:

  Restaurants and cafes
  Salons and spas
  Microblading studios
  Medical spas
  Hair salons

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Edmonton Business Insurance FAQs

Why do I need commercial insurance if my business is not operating during the coronavirus crisis?

We advise clients to retain their commercial insurance policies even if the business is currently not in operation. Even though your business may be experiencing a reduction in work, your policy can still protect and cover for any loss or damage sustained to company property, equipment and vehicles. Not having adequate coverage can result in the business repairing for damages in cash.

What are the basic components of a commercial auto insurance policy?

There is liability insurance, collision coverage, as well as additional coverage options. The first one, liability coverage, covers for incidents in which a company vehicle causes accidental injury or property damage. Collision coverage covers for physical damages to the vehicle resulting from a collision. Additional options can include coverage for loss or damage resulting from theft, glass, hail, fire, etc.

Is my current business insurance policy still eligible if I make changes to my company’s business operations?

It is key to notify your broker of any changes in your business model or operations. These operational changes are commonly referred to as “material changes in risk”, and can subsequently alter your exposure to risk. This can affect the type and amount of coverage required to adequately protect your business.

Does my business need cyber insurance?

It is a misconception that only larger businesses and corporations are prone to cyber-attacks or hacking incidents. The truth is that smaller organizations are often more vulnerable to such attacks because they don’t have the same precautionary measures in place. If your business stores a large amount of customer information, or uses a vast data storage system, then cyber insurance may be something you may want to consider having in your policy.

Am I covered if I use my personal vehicle for business purposes?

If you or your employees are using personal vehicles for commercial purposes, it is important that this is disclosed to your broker. A commercial endorsement may be added to your policy to ensure that your vehicle and operations being carried out from your vehicle are properly covered. If there are vehicles that are regularly used in your operations (ie. commercial fleet), then a commercial car insurance policy may be required. Speak to your broker today and see what coverage option is appropriate for you.

Our brokers work to save you money

ARC Insurance Brokers is a full-service, independent commercial insurance brokerage located in Edmonton, Alberta. We have provided local businesses with everything from basic liability coverage to commercial auto and building insurance. Whether you prefer to fill out a free quote on our website or meet with us in person, know that our agents will take the time to get to know you and learn how best to protect your life from everyday accidents. Whether you’re looking for top notch coverage or a basic plan to meet a budget, we offer a wide range of personal and commercial insurance products to suit your individual needs.


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