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The work of engineers and architects is complex and constantly scrutinized by clients, leaving firms open and vulnerable to lawsuits. ARC Insurance has made it easy to get insurance for your engineering or architectural practice. From building a coverage plan to suit your needs to helping you process claims, you can feel confident in knowing that our commercial Edmonton insurance brokers will provide you with the support and guidance you need.


Get complete coverage for your engineering firm

ARC Insurance has done the research to ensure that our insurance packages are competitive and comprehensive. The increase in mega projects and claims severity has made securing the proper coverage even more important. We cover all engineering professions, including design, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers, and offer customizable packages to make sure your businesses needs are met. Whether you are looking after the design solely, or the design and construction, our experts can offer you the right coverage.

Our coverage options include:

ARC Insurance Brokers works with many APEGA members and is proud to offer coverage that satisfies their needs.

Cyber Liability Coverage

Cyber liability stems from professional liability coverage. While most people associate it with hacks and cyber breeches, there is much more to it. Any sort of claim related to electronic data or information can fall under cyber liability. This includes hacks, data breaches, extortion losses, loss of income, and even reputation damage.

Specifically for engineers and architects, cyber liability coverage often includes errors and omissions, meaning that you will be covered in the event of design flaws, errors, and faulty drawings. As the industry continues to adapt to new technologies, cyber liability coverage is a must for any architecture or engineering firm.

Protect Your Business

If a client believes you’ve made a mistake or left out important information, you could be taken to court and have to face potentially irreversible damage to your finances, career and professional reputation. ARC Insurance will help you make sure you have the right coverage in place.

Common professional liability claims include:

  • Design errors: Your design contained errors that resulted in financial losses for the client.
  • Design repairs: Your design requires repairs which the client believes you are responsible for.
  • Project delays: The client alleges that the project delay is due to an error on your part.

For a review of your current commercial insurance profile, or to get started on your free engineering insurance quote, call the team at ARC Insurance.


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