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Retail and service-based businesses play a huge role in the daily lives of Edmontonians. From restaurants to hair salons, there are a wide variety of different businesses that fall under this expansive category. ARC Insurance Brokers provides comprehensive commercial insurance options for retail and service businesses. We know that each business is unique, which is why we’re proud to offer customizable coverage options.

Commercial insurance for retail and service-based businesses

ARC Insurance is proud to offer commercial insurance packages for a wide variety of retail and service businesses, completely customizable to cater to your unique needs.

Our policies cover a wide range of retail and service-industry businesses, including but not limited to:

  Restaurants and cafes
  Food trucks
  Salons and spas
  Microblading studios
  Medical spas
  Hair salons
  Retail stores
Yoga and pilates studios
Personal trainers

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Customizable policies for small-to-medium-sized businesses

The retail and service industry is a huge umbrella for a wide variety of different businesses. These businesses all have their own unique set of needs, which is why their insurance coverage should be unique too!

Here are just a few of our custom insurance offerings:

Food contamination coverage to help recoup costs in the event of spoiled or contaminated food.
  Cyber insurance coverage which protects in case of data breaches, cyber crimes, and other technology-related threats and issues.
  Commercial auto insurance for delivery vehicles, cargo vans, and other forms of transportation used for the business.
  Tools and equipment coverage in the event that crucial tools or pieces of equipment need to be repaired or replaced.
Business income coverage in case of business interruption due to fire, vandalism, or other acts dictated within the policy.

This is just a small sample of the customizable coverage options available through ARC Insurance. Get in touch with our experienced brokers today and start your comprehensive commercial insurance quote.

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