HOME ALONE: How Home Security Reduces Your Home Insurance Premium

From deterrent-based home security to gated, guarded communities– it is a new era of person safety and protection. Alarm systems are very streamlined and can even be controlled or monitored from your phone! Whether you travel often or simply enjoy the peace of mind, home security also offers the benefit of a lower monthly insurance payment. Keep reading for ARC’s overview of the effect of security on your home insurance.


An alarm tripped by a broken window or a forced door is helpful, but it is a quaint concept compared to the high-tech options of today. Carbon monoxide sensors, water leak indicators, mold monitors, motion detectors– there is no end to the customized, comprehensive options of today’s home security. Depending on your risk factors, these additional features can reduce your home insurance premium by a significant amount.

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While noise-based alarms are very common, just how effective is a siren if no one is listening for or answering the call? When choosing a home security company, consider who is monitoring the alarm and where they are located. On-site security is the highest possible level of protection as it has the best record of preventing crime before it happens. The more secure your home is, the lower the home insurance premium will be.


Fire protection is one of the more costly aspects of home insurance. Consider linking your smoke detectors to your home security system– more thorough protection means a lower premium. High-end alarms can give detailed information to the fire department, meaning your home is better protected and cheaper to insure.

Break-ins, burglaries, fires and other catastrophes are unpleasant to think about, but homeowners know that it comes with territory. Be prepared with an advanced home security service, and then contact ARC to discover the savings you’ve earned. Protecting your home and family is not only comforting, but it saves you money!