Insurance Tips

How Are Insurance Brokers in Edmonton Compensated?

couple meets with female insurance broker, sitting at desk

Brokers are insurance professionals who help individuals and businesses find insurance policies that meet their specific needs. They serve as intermediaries between insurance companies and their clients, working to find the best coverage options at the most competitive rates. One of the most commonly asked questions about insurance brokers is how they are compensated. To […]

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The Importance of Comparing Insurance Rates


Whether you are buying a vehicle, a bunch of bananas or even a home– you and your family’s well being may depend on finding the best deal possible. Because of this, every good consumer knows the value of “shopping around.” Well, the same goes for insurance! Comparing insurance rates is the most effective way to […]

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INTACT: Bundle & Save Your Insurance

Here at ARC Insurance, we are proud to be independent brokers certified to offer the Intact Insurance Advantage. One of the main features of Intact’s services is the benefit of bundling your insurance plans. Unsure why you should consolidate your policies? Read on for ARC’s guide to bundled savings! THE IMPORTANCE OF BUNDLING As we […]

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BUNDLE & SAVE A BUNDLE: Why You Should Combine Your Insurance Policies

Insurance is a fact of life. Vehicles, homes, jewelry and other expensive possessions– even our lives– all of these things require insurance or, at the very least, insuring them is recommended. The average person buys an insurance policy when they buy the insured product, which can lead to one customer with a jumble of bills […]

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The ARC Advantage– Using Our Quote Tool & The Benefits of Brokers

You may have an existing insurance company or this may be your first time buying insurance– either way, ARC is here to help. Our brokerage service offers many advantages over typical insurers. Also, our website features a fast and efficient quote tool that will help you get an accurate quote in just a few minutes. […]

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