INTACT: Bundle & Save Your Insurance

Intact Insurance - Supplied By ARC InsuranceHere at ARC Insurance, we are proud to be independent brokers certified to offer the Intact Insurance Advantage. One of the main features of Intact’s services is the benefit of bundling your insurance plans. Unsure why you should consolidate your policies? Read on for ARC’s guide to bundled savings!


As we move through life, we begin to value things in different ways. Insurance is a widely accepted way to protect these valuables– no matter what form they take. Since we often purchase homes, cars and other property at different times, we also tend to accumulate separate policies… Sometimes even with different companies! This can easily lead to confusion and other hassles, possibly leaving you with an inconvenient or dangerous gap in coverage. Avoid these challenges by bundling your policies under one roof with ARC & Intact.


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  • Policy bundles are flexible and can easily be amended to include second homes, recreational vehicles or any other valuables;
  • Travel coverage is often more affordable as part of a bundled package;
  • Only one deductible applies if a claim affects your home and vehicle simultaneously;
  • Three flexible payment options available;
  • Up to 10% savings on your total premium.

You likely have existing insurance policies, but are you getting the best deal available? Have an ARC representative assess your current coverage today and we will provide a no-hassle, no-charge quote. Our insurance experts are ready to offer discounts and other advantages thanks to Intact policy bundles.