Luxury Car Insurance

TRUE OR FALSE: The Luxury Car Insurance Myth


Luxury cars cost more, right? Right– for the most part, that is… Insurance policies are built on dozens of complex factors and each factor has its own individual complexities. This can mean different drivers in identical cars can have as disparate rates as identical drivers in different cars. It’s a confusing system, but it has […]

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In a wealthy province like Alberta, high-value property ownership is on the rise – this brings along realities such as maintenance costs and insurance. As with most products, you might shop for the most affordable insurance premium or the policy with the least features. It makes sense, but it should not apply to luxury vehicle […]

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INSURANCE 101: A Guide to Insuring Luxury, High-End & Performance Vehicles

Low ownership costs are the best way to lock into a cheaper auto insurance policy, but not everybody wants to drive a basic sedan that gets you from point A to point B. Every circle has a vehicle enthusiast, luxury addict or “gearhead”– it might even be you– but it is important to know the […]

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RIDING IN STYLE: Understanding Insurance Rates for High-End Vehicles

Given the choice, many people would select a luxury vehicle. In fact, between lotteries, contests and draws there seems to be no shortage of chances to own one! But do you know all of the expenses associated with high-end vehicle ownership? Between premium gas, expensive maintenance and hard-to-find parts– luxury cars have many hidden costs. […]

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