INSURANCE 101: A Guide to Insuring Luxury, High-End & Performance Vehicles

Low ownership costs are the best way to lock into a cheaper auto insurance policy, but not everybody wants to drive a basic sedan that gets you from point A to point B. Every circle has a vehicle enthusiast, luxury addict or “gearhead”– it might even be you– but it is important to know the insurance consequences of owning a luxury, high-end or performance vehicle. Read on for a brief guideline of factors and situations that can affect your auto insurance premium.


Many motorists and enthusiasts value extreme performance and highly tuned precision in their vehicles. High-powered vehicles with large engines and low curb weights are at a much higher risk for dangerous accidents and infractions– leading to increased insurance costs. As well, increased repair costs can also push up insurance rates. Consider limiting your performance vehicle’s policy to one driver and a reduced driving radius to save on your premiums.

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Exotic and high-end luxury vehicles are widely sought after thanks to the status they provide in most cultures. Space age materials and meticulous repair or replacement costs can often result in extremely high insurance rates. Considering how expensive imported and street-tuned exotics already are, an expensive auto policy might just break the bank. If you can, pay for damage out of pocket to avoid insurance premium hikes. Other factors such as a higher deductible, an anti-theft device, VIN registration and a driver safety course can all reduce your policy costs.

Sick of your family mini-van? Ready for that classic muscle car? Looking for leather, luxury and comfort in you next SUV? You might be paying for more than you imagined. Performance and luxury vehicles can all incur higher insurance premiums. If you are unsure of the true cost of the ride of your dreams, contact us at ARC Insurance for a comprehensive insurance quote customized to your needs.