BUNDLE & SAVE A BUNDLE: Why You Should Combine Your Insurance Policies

Insurance is a fact of life. Vehicles, homes, jewelry and other expensive possessions– even our lives– all of these things require insurance or, at the very least, insuring them is recommended. The average person buys an insurance policy when they buy the insured product, which can lead to one customer with a jumble of bills from different insurance companies. More than just paperwork, individual policies are often more expensive the bundled or group policies.

Review the guidelines below to learn more about the benefits of combined insurance policies.


Home ownership and vehicle ownership go hand-in-hand. Often this is because people’s first houses are in suburban areas, a distance from where they work. For some, buying and maintaining a vehicle is a kind of “practice run” for their first home. Regardless of circumstance, people usually end up with separate vehicle and home insurance policies. If this sounds like your situation, contact your existing insurers and our professionals at ARC Insurance to request quotes for a bundled insurance plan. Simply by combining home and auto insurance under one company’s policy can save you hundreds of dollars each month.

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Like home and vehicle insurance, life insurance policies can be bundled with existing products to reduce your rates. Young drivers have little access to vehicle insurance discounts, but bundling it with a life insurance plan can both reduce your current premiums while locking you into low rate for the future. It is easy to put off thinking about life insurance, but rates only rise as you get older and the insurer covers fewer complications.


If you are the type with a garage full of motorized toys, don’t neglect to include them in your insurance plan bundle. Motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, snowmobiles, boats and other watercraft can all usually be included in discounted, combined policy.

If you have more than one insurance policy for anything in your life, you owe it to your wallet to consult with ARC Insurance about a bundled plan. Grouping your policies together can earn you rebates or discounts on your insurance premiums. Contact our courteous and professional experts and consult with them to build a bundle that covers your needs and limits your costs.