RIDING IN STYLE: Understanding Insurance Rates for High-End Vehicles

Given the choice, many people would select a luxury vehicle. In fact, between lotteries, contests and draws there seems to be no shortage of chances to own one! But do you know all of the expenses associated with high-end vehicle ownership? Between premium gas, expensive maintenance and hard-to-find parts– luxury cars have many hidden costs. One such cost is insurance; it can be easy to overlook, but high-end, premium and performance vehicles often incur higher insurance premiums than basic and mid-range models.

Worried about a steep insurance premium for your dream vehicle? Making a new purchase and leaning towards a high-end model? Refer to the conditions below to judge whether or not your situation could lead to a more expensive vehicle insurance policy.


A vehicle’s year of manufacture is directly tied to its value. Newer cars are often more expensive to insure than older models, depending on the rarity of the vehicle.


Vehicle manufacturers that are known for producing luxury, premium and performance products often require more expensive parts, maintenance and repairs. All of this increases the owner’s insurance premiums.

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Premium or luxury versions of the same car will often require higher insurance rates. Top-end models often boast more powerful engines or pricier trim and two-door models are considered “sportier” than four-door models– all factors that increase premiums.


Vehicles that have high theft statistics cost more to insure because there is a higher risk the insurer will need to pay out the full value. Modified vehicles and luxury models might require the installation of anti-theft device to reduce insurance premiums.

Remember: every situation is unique and no two drivers will have identical policies, even driving the same vehicle. Rates can vary further depending on where you live, how often you drive the vehicle and whether or not you have other policies through the same insurer. For a customized insurance plan, contact our professionals here at ARC Insurance— we can work directly with you and tailor a policy to your needs.