INSURANCE 101: Getting & Maintaining Low Insurance Premiums

Life is expensive enough; don’t pay too much for insurance. We’re all looking for the short cut to more money, but we often overlook the little things we can do to save money on the necessities in life. Insurance is one such need and many people think they are stuck paying their existing insurance rates– true in some cases, but smart choices and simple precautions can give you an edge.

Read on for a few simple guidelines you can follow to lower your insurance premiums while increasing your peace of mind.

When purchasing an insurance policy, pick a handful of companies based on solid recommendations. Have each insurer provide a quote and speak with their representatives to resolve any issues or concerns. You may be surprised at how wide the gap in cost can be from one company to another.

One of the easiest ways to receive low insurance rates is by keeping a squeaky clean driving record. Drivers with a safe reputation are statistically less likely to be involved in accidents or other incidents, so insurers will offer safe drivers lower premiums.

New to driving? Beginner drivers are often subject to high insurance rates, due to their higher likelihood of being involved in accidents and other infractions. Enrollment in a driver’s safety course is surefire way to reduce a new driver’s insurance costs. Passing a safety or defensive driving course is good practice for all drivers and submitting your certificate to your insurance company can lower your premiums.

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Drivers who live in climates with inclement weather should prepare their vehicle for the environment. Having winter tires or other safety features installed on your vehicle can lower your auto insurance premiums.

Avoid unnecessary aftermarket additions to your car, such as autobody kits or performance boosting modifications. Stock vehicles are rated and tested by insurance companies, so they are given standard insurance rates. Any adjustment or enhancement to your vehicle is subject to review by your insurer and can lead to higher insurance premiums.

If you own or operate multiple vehicles, significant discounts are offered to customers who combine several insurance policies with one company. And not just auto insurance– home, life or rental insurance can all be consolidated into one insurance plan. Make sure to mention any existing insurance policies when receiving a quote.

It’s a simple equation: the more kilometers you drive, the higher your insurance. It comes down to the fact that your risk of accident increases with every minute you spend on the road. Limit the amount you drive by using public transit and avoiding long commutes in your personal vehicle– low usage discounts are widely offered by insurance companies.

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