REPUTATION GOES A LONG WAY: Insurance Rates & Your Driving Record

Many people take insurance for granted– they pay the bill every month to keep their vehicle on the road. While we all know auto insurance is a necessity, one can overlook the true cost of “minor” infractions like speeding tickets and fender benders. Auto insurance premiums are designed to benefit those who drive safely, not protect reckless drivers.

Follow the tips below to improve your overall driving safety, which will lead to a clean driving record and lower insurance premiums.


Excessive speed, tailgating, no signal, erratic or unsafe driving– these are just some of the many infractions commonly associated with drivers that are rushing to their destination. Give yourself time to arrive at your destination and avoid these seemingly minor offenses, they can add up to a major increase in your insurance rates. And remember: just one error while driving could cause a harmful accident.

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In hectic daily life, it’s common for everyone to try and accomplish more than one thing at once. Unfortunately, driving requires our full attention and patience. Failure to abide by the rules of the road will lead to serious accidents and infractions. Distracted driving is no joke, leave your phone out of reach; if necessary, use an approved hands-free device or pull over when it is safe to do so. Recent hikes in distracted driving fines will likely be reflected in future insurance rate increases.


Never drink and drive. Impaired driving is a significant cause of death and harm across the world, affecting both the guilty drivers and innocent bystanders alike. Insurance companies treat drivers convicted with DUIs very harshly, as they are a proven risk on the road. Avoid the danger and consequences of impaired driving entirely by using designated drivers or car services when you have been drinking.

Safe drivers receive many benefits over the long term, including reduced auto insurance premiums. Drivers with clean records are proven to maintain their reputations over time, making them a better bet for insurance companies. Maintaining a responsible speed, eliminating distractions, observing your environment and driving sober are just a few simple rules to follow if you want low auto insurance rates.

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