Commercial Insurance

What Are the Basic Components of a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy?

woman types on laptop with model car on desk

In the fast-paced world of business, where vehicles are the lifeblood of operations, having the right protection is crucial. As a part of business insurance policies, commercial auto insurance serves as a vital shield for businesses that rely on vehicles for various purposes. Whether you operate a small delivery service or manage a fleet of […]

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What is Business Interruption Insurance?

business owner holds closed sign

Running a successful business involves navigating a myriad of risks, from natural disasters to unexpected market shifts. To protect themselves against potential financial setbacks, businesses often turn to comprehensive business insurance coverage.  Among the key components of this risk management strategy is business interruption insurance. What is Business Interruption Insurance? Business interruption insurance is a […]

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What is Cybersecurity Insurance?

lady looking at computer showing a cyber security confirmation page

In today’s world, more and more companies are conducting their business online and relying on technology to store and organize data. But if you’re business has never faced an issue with the loss of digital data from computers and networks, you’re probably wondering: Is cyber insurance worth it? The truth is cyberattacks can happen to […]

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What is Pollution Liability Insurance?

Person in neon green shirt and blue jeans stands holding a gas mask

When construction companies and contractors work with hazardous substances, they can face liability risks. The substances they use may contaminate neighbouring properties or release chemicals into the air or groundwater. Pollution coverage, also known as environmental coverage, is excluded from general liability insurance policies but you can purchase this additional coverage to protect your company’s […]

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Why Your Business Needs Cybersecurity Insurance

Person sitting in a dark room looks at website code on a laptop computer.

Preventing cyber-crime is a top priority, and for good reason: the threat level is higher than ever. According to Varonis, data breaches exposed 36 billion records in the first half of 2020. While partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help enhance cybersecurity, no network should ever be assumed 100% secure. Cybersecurity insurance is […]

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How to Effectively Transition to a Remote Business Model

Man working from home in front of computer

The current pandemic certainly has tested the effectiveness of a remote business model. As more and more businesses make choices to protect the health of their employees, many owners find themselves exploring the idea of having their employees work safely from home. Even as the pandemic winds down and things go back to normal, many […]

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Engineering Insurance: Common Claims and How to Handle Them

drafting table with blueprints

When you provide a service to the public that can result in unwanted injury or damage, it is imperative that you have the proper insurances to cover you and your business. For engineers, this is especially important since mistakes can lead to damage, injury and even death. Thankfully, there are engineering insurance policies that will […]

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The Importance of Business Interruption Coverage

When you own a business, you are likely to purchase the necessary insurance to cover your property and product. However, although a property insurance policy can repair the damage, how are you going to cover your loss of revenue? Thankfully, business interruption coverage is designed just for this reason. Should business halt due to an […]

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Unique Insurance Considerations for Machine Shops

Not all small businesses require the same insurance coverage. Some businesses may even require specialized coverage due to However, it’s important as a business owner to understand which insurance policies would best benefit their particular type of company. Machine shops are a specialized business that require unique insurance considerations. ARC Insurance can create a policy […]

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What is Cyber Insurance and Who Needs It?

It seems that nowadays technology evolves at an alarming rate. As our use of computers and information technology expands, so too does its use in the business world. Businesses large and small rely more and more on technology to conduct everyday business – store information, automate transactions, marketing, and more. Computers have helped to increase […]

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