THE INTACT ADVANTAGE: Vehicle Insurance in Edmonton

Intact Insurance - Supplied By ARC InsuranceHere at ARC Insurance, we are proud to be independent brokers certified to offer Intact Vehicle Insurance. One of the primary highlights of Intact’s services is flexibility and the ‘Intact Advantage.’ Unsure why you should switch your current vehicle policy? Read on for ARC’s guide to vehicle insurance in the Edmonton area.


Intact works with independent brokers like ARC to provide a hands-on, personalized experience with all of the protections of a major company. ARC will outline all available insurers and their plans, but we know better than most that the Intact Advantage means the best prices on the market for all of your policies.


Vehicle insurance may be required by law, but it shouldn’t automatically stop at liability coverage because it is the cheapest option. You should consider the true cost of omitting coverage on your vehicle insurance policy. Don’t get saddled with expensive repair costs on your own vehicle-- not to mention the threat posed by natural disasters, vandalism, theft or fire. Consult with your ARC representative to ensure you receive all of the benefits offered by comprehensive Intact Advantage coverage.

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  • Vehicle make, model and quality;
  • Safe or unsafe driving habits;
  • Bundled insurance policies;
  • Regional and personal factors;
  • Length of commute;
  • Number of existing claims.

Buying your first car? Looking to price-check your current policy? Contact ARC today! Our representatives will review your assets and provide a free quote for Intact Vehicle Insurance, customized to your qualifications and needs.

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