Insurance Companies & Backwater Valves


arc-insurance-backwater-valvesMany home and property insurance claims here in Alberta are a result of our ever-changing weather. Whether cold and icy, hot and dry or even windy and rainy – we all know that we live in an environment that can be as harsh as it is beautiful. Lately, there has been a lot of concern around potential flooding and other forms of water damage. While you may have scanned a headline or overheard a snippet, you can read ARC Insurance Brokers’ guide to backwater valves and their associated discounts.

What is backflow and backflow prevention?

Backflow is when sewage or other unwanted, liquid waste enters your property through its own pipes. This usually happens during periods with lots of precipitation or even melting snow. Backflow can be prevented! There are many products on the market, but only certain types, like a backwater valve, are eligible for discounted or promotional insurance premiums.

What is a backwater valve?

Backwater valve is a general term for a wide variety of devices that can be installed into your property’s water system. These valves allow your waste water out, but they prevent any unwanted liquids from coming back in the same way. The wide range of options can be intimidating, but the pros here at ARC advise you to avoid “ plug” type solutions and always hire a licensed plumber to install the valve.

How can a backwater valve save me money?

Before buying and installing the backwater valve, contact your broker to ensure you have a home insurance policy that is eligible for a discount. Flood damage premiums can be expensive, but the right plan and qualifying backflow prevention can actually save you money over the long run. Remember: always read the fine print and check for loopholes if the deal seems to good to be true.

Questions? Concerns? Contact or visit ARC today! Our brokers are standing-by to find you the plan perfectly paired to your needs.