BUSINESS INSURANCE: Protecting Your Professional or Commercial Space

office building

Owning or operating a business comes with many serious responsibilities – even so, proper insurance could end up being the most important of them all. This practice is most crucial if you maintain a professional or commercial space, such as an office, clinic, agency or even a fleet. There are many other premises where different types of insurance policies could be the last line of defense between a serious crisis and staying in business. Read on for some examples from ARC Insurance Brokers, then contact us with your questions and concerns.

Damage & Injury

Even in seemingly safe spaces – perhaps an office filled with cubicles – there is always a risk of damage to property or injury to occupants. Without proper liability coverage, a business could be held financially responsible for incidents that happen on the premises.

Equipment & Employees

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that equipment breaks down and some employees do not have the business’ best interest in mind. They may seem like diverse problems, but both issues reduce or even halt productivity in a real world commercial setting. Power surges, theft, operator error, fraud – all manner of disruptions can be protected against with the right insurance policy.

Data Protection

With more and more digitization of business practices, we are more and more vulnerable to crises such as data loss or cyberattacks. The commercial advantages of new technologies are undeniable – which is why modern, professional spaces invest in digital storage. Next step? Digital protection. Business insurance policies can be tailored to cover you in case of ransomware attacks, viruses, server failures and other serious threats.

The above three categories are only drops in the bucket of comprehensive professional premises insurance. Consult with an ARC representative today! After we consult your needs, we will help you select the right policies and coverage amounts for your commercial space.

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