4 Reasons to Get Commercial Insurance



Running a business comes with a number of risks, no matter how big or small the company. Having the proper commercial insurance policy in place can give you peace of mind knowing your business is covered if something happens. Protecting both your personal and business assets is critical to business success – read on for four reasons why you should get commercial insurance for your business.

1. Accidents Happen

“It won’t happen to me”, is the worst phrase a business owner can use when it comes to skipping out on commercial insurance policies. While we hope to never have to use, say, our liability coverage to protect us from a lawsuit, it only takes one bad situation to put all you’ve worked for at risk. The proper commercial insurance will protect your company from incidents like these.

2. It Protects Your Employees (And Retains Them, Too!)

Your employees are arguably your most valuable asset, so it pays to protect them! While you are required by law to carry worker’s compensation, there are other valuable policies that may benefit your company, like disability coverage. People like to know that a company values them, and are more likely to stay and work for a company that cares about employee safety and protection.

3. Acts of God Coverage

An “act of god” refers to any incident that is not caused by human hands. Natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, and fires caused by lightning would all fall under this category. No one can plan for these, but their effects can be catastrophic. If you have the proper commercial insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your brick and mortar location will be protected in the event of an act of god. There are two types of coverage when it comes to acts of god: all-risk and peril-specific. All-risk policies cover all events except those expressly mentioned, while peril-specific policies cover only the events listed in the policy.

4. Contracts May Require It

It’s common for a landlord to turn your company away if you don’t carry insurance; the same goes for if you are looking to borrow money to purchase a building. Even more, certain client contracts may require you carry insurance in case something goes awry! Don’t lose out on business by not having the required protection in place.

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