5 Reasons You Should Use a Home Insurance Broker

Home Insurance Brokers can save you time and money.At first glance, buying home insurance seems like a routine process with very little margin for error. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. There are many intricacies and complexities among the wide range of insurers and coverage available to property owners.

ARC Insurance brokers are specially trained to cut through all the red tape, providing you with the best possible deal– but that’s not all. Read on for five reasons you should use a home insurance broker.

#1: Personal touch. Insurance brokers already offer the best prices available, so how do they compete for business? It’s simple: customer service. ARC Insurance brokers are dedicated to maintaining friendly and supportive relationships with their clients. Regardless of your needs or coverage, you will be treated with respect and dignity when dealing with our brokers.

#2: Customized coverage. Since we value knowing our clients, you can have complete confidence that your coverage matches your needs. Avoid any risk of over- or underinsuring your home by trusting the skill and experience of our brokers. Buying direct can leave you with loopholes in the fine print; so protect your home with the knowledge of an ARC Insurance broker!


#3: Always there. ARC Insurance is proud of its commitment to always being there for our clients when they need us. Why risk the unreliability of a huge, slow-moving corporation when our brokers can be the buffer? Quickly and effectively protecting your property’s safety and security is our top priority.

#4: Real people. You are more than just a policy number when you insure your home through ARC Insurance. Our representatives pride themselves on being pleasant and approachable for the benefit of all our clients. Don’t suffer through robotic phone systems, faceless call centres or “hold music” any longer– contact one of our helpful brokers today.

#5: Better rates. Possibly the most important reason to employ an insurance broker is to save money. ARC Insurance receives better rates from insurers because it limits their immediate risk. We can correctly assess your needs and leverage our client base to get discounted coverage for your home insurance. Best of all, our commission comes from the insurers so we are able to pass all the savings on to you!

Your home is your castle, so protect it with the right coverage at the best rates from ARC Insurance. Contact or visit one of our brokers today for a full assessment and a free quote.