5 Reasons You Should Use a Commercial Insurance Broker

Commercial High-rise Buildings - Commercial Insurance BrokerMany people feel they are prepared to make the decisions necessary for insuring a commercial endeavour. Once the process begins, the quagmire of deductibles and policies can become overwhelming. Even if you get through it, the coverage you signed up for might be inadequate– an expensive mistake if discovered too late.

Take the margin for error out of the equation: hire a commercial insurance broker! The list below outlines five essential reasons you should rely on an ARC broker for your commercial insurance and risk management needs.

#1: We know insurers need your business. Insurance brokers can leverage your needs into more favorable deals with big-time insurers. Intimate knowledge of the insurance industry and a wide client base allow us to secure better-suited and more affordable plans versus buying directly.

#2: We help avoid underinsuring. Our staff’s dedication and experience help you assess your commercial insurance needs accurately. We can advise the right plan for you without any risk of over- or underinsuring– saving you significant capital. Having the correct coverage in place will also help mitigate unnecessary claims and financial liabilities.

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#3: We speak the language. From the outside, insurance can seem like a foreign country– but never fear: insurance is our business! Brokers have access, experience and understanding that will give you the edge when dealing with insurers. From setting up basic coverage to dealing with complex claims, insurance brokers will seamlessly ensure all issues are handled in your best interest.

#4: We value client relationships. If you are dissatisfied with coverage bought directly from an insurer, your only recourse is to take your business elsewhere. This requires comparison-shopping, quotes and negotiations– wasting time and effort better spent on your business. Insurance brokers do the cost analysis for you, so our focus is on securing your loyalty. Unlike faceless corporations, our brokers get to know you and are always standing by to explain every facet of your insurance plan.

#5: We pass on all the savings to you. Rather than charging our clients, insurance brokers rely on commission from our roster of insurers. With no surcharge for our services, you can’t afford not to employ a broker for your commercial insurance needs. We are dedicated to getting you the best possible rates and most effective coverage possible!

The above reasons are just a fraction of the advantages a commercial insurance broker can provide. Contact or visit ARC Insurance today for your free assessment and quote!