Do I need business insurance to work from home?

Every year more people blur the lines between their home and the workplace. Whether you work remotely for an employer or you own and operate a business, using any portion of your home for this purpose could have unintended consequences. For this reason alone, you should always review your home insurance policy and speak with ARC Insurance Brokers today to ensure you are covered in all situations. Our detailed guide below will introduce some of the circumstances where you may or may not need business insurance to work from home.

Remote Employment

If you spend your work hours (or any portion thereof) in your home, you may be remotely employed– a growing reality as the modern workforce evolves. Flexible employers are typically happy with these arrangements, especially in sectors where computers and smartphones can bridge the gap. Not to be confused with freelancers or contractors, remote employees have some autonomy yet still fall under the purview of their employer– typically represented by a permanent or temporary employment agreement. Such documents should outline your employer’s expectations and clarify any liabilities you might incur working in your home. In most cases, the employer’s insurance policies should include or account for these risks.


As mentioned above, freelancers and contractors are different from remote employees– mainly because they own and operate their own business. Self-employment comes in countless shapes and sizes, but anyone who works from home shares a similar responsibility to protect their own interests. High-performance hardware, professional-grade software, specialized equipment or tools… All of these are expensive assets that you might use to earn your living, which may or may not be covered by your home insurance policy. Using such items to earn income might even make them ineligible under basic coverage! Uninsured self-employment may also result in expensive consequences should you be deemed liable for the financial losses of a client.

Home-Based Businesses

Salons, spas, guesthouses or B&Bs– as well as therapists and other professionals… these are just some of the businesses that people choose to operate out of their homes. If you run a business on or in your own property, you may also have the added concern of clients and other members of the public entering your home or any premises for which you are legally responsible. Public liability is a reality for any business owner that works on a client’s property, but do not overlook the serious outcomes that could arise in a home-based business.

ARC Insurance Brokers Can Help!

Aside from the issues mentioned above, people working from home may also need protection from legal action, financial loss and even lost income in the case of a personal illness or accident. Insurance providers offer a huge range of products, complicated further by the overlapping nature of remote employees, self-employed freelancers or contractors and home-based business operators. An ARC Insurance broker can review your needs and help you choose a bespoke policy that provides comprehensive coverage. Contact or visit us today!