The 9 Best Family Vehicles

Family sitting in vehicleWhen choosing a family car, which will hold your most precious cargo, you want a vehicle that prioritizes safety, reliability and comfort while still being stylish. These best family vehicles are a mix of features and styles to choose from:

Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country
The Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country are considered to be the company’s famous vans. They’re both similar in feature such as the 7-passenger capacity, handling, performance and cargo room. Each brand comes with several models to choose from that varies in features and style. However, the Town and Country is considered to be the luxurious van, offering more entertainment options and interior and exterior features such as accent colours, a leather and wood-wrapped steering wheel and AC power outlet. The Grand Caravan is also great for travelling with children because this van is equipped with overhead video screens and a Blu-Ray/DVD player to watch favourite shows or movies. Both vehicles offer comfort, style and space for families, with the Town and Country offering more features at a higher price than the Grand Caravan.

Volkswagen Golf
This affordable small car isn’t small when it comes to interior or cargo space. The interior includes high-end features like roomy back seats, iPod adapter, 5.8 inch touch screen, sunroof and generous hatchback cargo space. Safety features in this car include excellent brakes, forward collision warning, rear-view camera and rear parking sensors make it one of the best family vehicles on the market.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan
The redesigned C-Class sedan is one of the best family vehicles because it combines a luxury all-leather interior with power and ease of handling for an upscale small car. With a standard seven-speed automatic transmission and high safety rating, the sedan gets 24/31 miles per gallon, better than most others in its class. Additional safety features include cross traffic and pedestrian detection, active lane keep assist and blind spot monitoring.

Hyundai Sonata
An affordable midsize car with a high-end interior is one of the best family vehicles because of its combinations of safety, reliability and family friendly features on the market today. Superior braking power, rear-view camera, forward collision and lane departure warning and a blind spot monitoring are some of its safety features. The quiet and roomy interior with full touch-screen system makes it the perfect family friendly car.

Honda CR-V
This family vehicle is a compact SUV with four-cylinders and redesigned steering and suspension systems for better handling. Roomy seats, sunroof, USB port and power moonroof are just some of the features in a comfortable interior. With more standard features than much of the competition, this spacious SUV is also family friendly.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid
This mid-size SUV is among the most affordable best family vehicles in its class with superior reliability ratings. With 27/28 miles per gallon, its fuel economy, comfortable ride and classy interior has third-row seating perfectly suited for children. Safety features include lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

Chevy Suburban
The Suburban SUV seats nine, with third row seats that fold flat to offer extra storage. It is rated one of the best family vehicles because it has enough room for a large, active family. The Suburban is also a quiet ride, with a luxury feel, climate controlled interior and an excellent rear seat sound system.

Honda Odyssey
A minivan with a difference, the Odyssey is one of the best family vehicles because it has family friendly features like a built in vacuum cleaner and cooler, and theater quality surround sound that make travel with children a breeze. Comfortable and versatile interiors combined with safety features make it the top choice for best family vehicles.

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