What is Third Party Liability Car Insurance?

Photo of a vehicle collision If you are involved in a vehicle accident that caused injuries or even fatalities, you could be found liable. Similarly, if you lost control and damaged somebody’s property, you could owe for the damages. The value of these could end up costing you thousands of dollars, or even more. This is a greater financial burden than most people can afford and many are simply not in a position to be able to pay. This is where third party liability car insurance comes in.

Third party liability car insurance lets you drive worry free, knowing that if something goes wrong, you will not be alone. Your policy minimizes the financial risk of driving your vehicle protects you financially against claims.

What does third party liability car insurance cover?

  • Costs to mend property damaged by you
  • Repairs to or replacement of other vehicles damaged in an accident
  • Medical bills, loss of work, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering for potential victims that you might accidentally injure
  • Costs associated with fatalities in accidents
  • Your passengers, should they be injured while you are driving or while in your vehicle
  • Legal proceedings and costs on your behalf to defend against and pay the claim

Are there minimum amounts?

While coverage for third party liability car insurance can vary, there is a minimum amount of $200,000 required under Alberta laws. Drivers also choose coverage above the minimum amount for added protection. If you were to be involved in an accident of a serious nature, you could be faced with bills much higher than these minimums, therefore you might need more coverage than you think you need. Some drivers find that $1 million is a safe amount of liability car insurance coverage. If you just have the minimum required by the law and the court finds you liable for more than the minimum, you are responsible for paying the difference. Remember that your insurance company can only defend you in a lawsuit and pay the amount specified in your coverage plan if you are found at-fault.

How can I get started?

Agents will help you through the process when opting for this additional coverage and explain the best safety net for you.

To best meet individual needs, we have a range of options for automobile insurance, including customizable third party liability car insurance. We offer plans based on coverage amount, deductibles, per incident limit and premiums.

Contact us today for a quote on automobile insurance including third party liability car insurance. Choose features that give you the additional coverage you need and one that fits your budget.