What Type of Insurance Does My Restaurant Need?


Whether your own or operate an existing restaurant or you have plans to open one, there are many logistical realities to consider. One such issue is the insurance necessary to any business, as well as other specializations due to being in the food service industry. Keep reading for a crash course on insuring a restaurant, […]

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How Much is Car Insurance in Alberta?


There are a number of factors that insurance companies consider when measuring the likelihood of losses from car accidents that they would have to compensate for. The answer to how much is car insurance in Alberta can be found by looking at these factors: At-fault accidents Insurance rate premiums rise with at-fault accidents. A lot […]

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Am I Covered? Restaurants & Third Party Food Contamination

Running a restaurant is no easy task. Between managing staff, ordering products, and keeping both the kitchen and dining room maintained, restaurant owners and managers have a full plate. In addition to the day-to-day concerns, owners must always be prepared for the unexpected — anything out of the ordinary that could affect their business. One […]

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Do I need business insurance to work from home?

Every year more people blur the lines between their home and the workplace. Whether you work remotely for an employer or you own and operate a business, using any portion of your home for this purpose could have unintended consequences. For this reason alone, you should always review your home insurance policy and speak with […]

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Seasonal Property Insurance: 5 Things to Know


At the height of summer or in a winter wonderland, many Albertans maintain properties to enjoy their favourite seasons. If you own a seasonal property, it’s not always fun and games– a good insurance policy is essential for true peace of mind. ARC Insurance Brokers knows the most common issues seasonal property owners face, so […]

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UBER Insurance in Edmonton & Alberta: What You Need to Know

Uber, along with other Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) hit the ground running here in Alberta. The overnight success left many provinces unprepared and not sure how to ensure both the providers and patrons using these services were being properly protected. Rules needed to be defined, and insurance coverage needed to be legitimized. In August of […]

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Home Renovations: How does this affect insurance?

Owning a home is much more than just paying off a mortgage. If you want to protect your investment, you should maintain it, update it and– yes– insure it! While your current level of coverage may be appropriate for your home as-is, renovations can actually impact the type of policy you need and how high […]

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Creating an Emergency Preparedness Kit for your Home

Emergency Preparedness & Insurance May 6th through 12th every year has been declared Emergency Preparedness Week by the Government of Canada. Countrywide, people use this event as a yardstick to measure their own home’s readiness to handle emergencies. Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) is partnered with Public Safety Canada to spread these messages throughout the […]

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Tips on How to Lower Car Insurance Rates


Car insurance rates are set so that the insurer can earn a profit without alienating potential insurance customers in the process. To sum up a rather complicated relationship, the riskier the insurance customer, the higher the car insurance rates to ensure that the insurer can earn a profit. As such, if you have an interest […]

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