The Costs of Car Ownership in Alberta

Canada is a country of many opportunities, but there still a cost to living here. One of the most prominent needs and costs is car ownership. Whether commuting, visiting family or traveling our vast wilderness– Canada is a land meant to be driven. Owning and operating a vehicle can be expensive, and many costs can be overlooked.

Of course we’re all aware of the steep price of buying or financing a vehicle. But beyond that initial investment lie costs for registration, insurance, fuel and even ongoing maintenance.

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Consider all of the factors when budgeting your vehicle expenditures throughout the year. Here in Alberta, we benefit from low gas prices compared to some provinces– but insurance prices can be high relative to less densely populated areas. Some studies rank Alberta as the second most expensive province for vehicle ownership.

So what is a vehicle owner to do? People don’t generally move their entire lives for cheaper car insurance and varying gas prices could make that solution irrelevant! That’s why going with ARC Insurance will save you the worry and hassle of searching around for the right insurance policy.

Contact our professionals or use our online quote tool to start the process. Our experts here at ARC will calculate and customize an insurance plan to suit your needs. What advantage do we offer versus a normal insurance company? We are an independent brokerage service that can shop your needs to several insurers. Once we find the best deal, we pass the savings directly to you.

Trust your local insurance professionals at ARC Insurance to help soften the considerable cost of owning a car in Alberta and throughout Canada. We can tailor a policy to needs of any size and complexity, always searching for the best possible deal with the insurers we represent.