HOME IS WHERE THE SAVINGS ARE: 5 Easy Steps to Lower Your Home Insurance Premium


male insurance agent in suit presenting various ways to save on insuranceThese days, everyone is looking for a way to save a few dollars by minimizing monthly costs. Buying generic and lowering your thermostat are practical forms of saving– but how can you directly affect your home insurance premium? Read on for ARC’s summary of five easy, sensible decisions that give your monthly budget some breathing room.


A higher deductible means a lower premium. While a payment in the thousands may seem expensive when making a claim, the monthly savings can work in many homeowners’ favour. Crunch your numbers or have your needs assessed by an ARC representative today! Your home insurance premium may be higher than it needs to be.


Many homeowners have several insurance policies— home, auto, life and other valuables. Whether with the same company or different ones, the monthly payments can add up to a major chunk of your income. The answer to this is bundling your policies! Contact ARC and an associate will provide you with a free quote customized to your needs. Consolidating your policies is a fast and easy way to receive savings and discounts on your insurance premiums.


Personal security is at the cutting-edge of high-tech innovation; it’s more sophisticated and convenient to protect your home than ever before. Many homeowners have already considered home security for the sense of safety and peace of mind, but the value still isn’t enough. When you consider that an alarm system can lower your home insurance premium— you can’t afford not to invest in home protection! The savings could pay for the equipment within as little as a year.

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The following is a list of high-quality, home building concepts that can lower your home insurance premium. Old or outdated construction makes it more expensive to insure your home.

  • Copper wires;
  • Durable plastic plumbing;
  • Concrete or brick frame;
  • Electric heat and stove;
  • New-built home;
  • On-site or monitored security;
  • Security doors, locks and windows.


Coast-to-coast: Your premium can be affected by the area or climate in which you live. Earthquakes, flooding, hail, wind, ice storms and hurricanes are just some of the regional weather than can increase your monthly amount.

Safe & sound: A high neighbourhood crime rate or a history of break-ins is sure to increase your home insurance premium.

Beat the heat: If your home is prone to fire damage, your premium will increase. Consider proximity to fire halls and water sources when purchasing homes and home insurance.

Struggling to pay your monthly home insurance payment? Contact ARC today and our expert staff will analyze your assets– a free quote will be tailored exactly to your needs. If you have any questions about the practical ways to reduce your insurance premiums, our associates are always happy to help.